Kabaccha Shoes

Redefining the modern dress shoe

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These are some really great-looking shoes. The founder @KabeerArora is going to provide a discount for Product Hunt users as well.
@erictwillis you are awesome - glad you thought this was awesome too! Its amazing to see this product get over 719% funded and now a Staff Pick! @KabeerArora 's dedication to his products is unparalleled when I last talked with him. This is my personal favorite -
@producthunt Thank you for having my product on here! Glad to have the opportunity
These. Look. Epic!
@KabacchaShoes are colorful leather shoes that are hand-made in Italy by brilliant artisan shoemakers with premium materials. Kabaccha Shoes redefine the age old boring black dress shoe - by adding a modern twist, new technologies and a splash of color. We make Modern Shoes for the Modern Man.