The easiest way to block all the Kardashian clan once and for all. Block links, images and websites related to the Kardashians.

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This is the most useful product ever
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Julio Castillo
co-founder, furtiv
Hi everyone, maker here. Just a little experiment on using iOS 9 content blocking extensions for something different than just ad blocking. Some actual content can be more annoying than ads :) Hopefully some of you find this useful.
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Dre Durr💡
Growth is the only thing that matters
@stressfree Is there any plans for a TV version of this. I would love to keep them off forever. haha
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G2Ape with a computer
@dredurr @stressfree Just take your cable box, throw it off of a building and join the 21st century.
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Olusola AkFull Stack developer
This app is gold, I shall secretly install it on my girlfriend's phone. Cool way to treat Kardashian obsession.
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Omg this! So much this! I've wanted something like this for years!!
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Eder HolguinCEO @OneQube - Serial Entreprenuer
Greatest app ever. Now, if someone can make a version that works on TV that would be wonderful.
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