Snake on a ✈️ blockchain

Relive your childhood memories and enjoy a simple game of Snake.
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Of all the things that didn't need blockchain, this one is the best. Good stuff.
@mooooorrisjjj Couldn’t agree more! Like muneeb (CEO of Blockstack) would say... “We don’t believe in heavy blockchain. We don't want to put a lot of logic at the blockchain layer itself”
Hello! I am the creator of justSnake. If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll know how addicting Snake was on your Nokia “smart” phones! I remember my friends and I would constantly banter with each other comparing our final scores. JustSnake is powered by Blockstack and supports bitcoin payments via lightning ⚡️. In the day of web3.0 and creating decentralized apps, I felt that too many apps were focused on gambling. I wanted to change that narrative and create a game that was simple and fun. No betting, no “how many tx per second”, etc. Just play the game, compare high scores, and brag about it on twitter! At the moment, JustSnake is web based only. To play the game, you must create a Blockstack account because your newly created account will be associated with your score. JustSnake was meant to feel like an arcade game so I also added an option for users to continue a game by depositing bitcoin via lightning. The game will ALWAYS be free to play but to continue will only be 25 cents :) Thanks for stopping by and hope you like the game! 🐍
This game is ridiculously addictive. It's the social aspect that makes it fun. I remember my first cell phone in high school was this brick of a Nokia thing and all I did was play snake on it. But that was just playing snake alone. This feels like playing it with a community. Also, love the Lightning integration!
@jehunter5811 ⚡️payments for the win!
Cool alexlee and I love the payment one
@shankar_ganesh_pj Thank you! Going for that arcade feel!
A classic game! What happens if you win first place?! any rewards?
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@nathaniel_randall Yep! Currently doing a promotion where you can get ~ $25 if you knock off the first place champion! More info here https://twitter.com/ItsJustSnake...