JustReachOut is a SaaS which is now used by 4,000+ entrepreneurs (as well as legit companies such as Airbnb, HubSpot, and Nickelodeon) to pitch bloggers, influencers and journalists and get exposure on autopilot daily.

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@dragilev - Just sent you an email through your site. Happy to chat with you about what you're doing, if you think it could be at all valuable to you. I think there's still tons of room to disrupt the PR world as we know it. -Peter
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@petershankman founded HARO so he knows a bit about this space. ;) I'm curious what reporters think of this. They already get pitched like mad but if you can help them connect w/ the right people + content, they should appreciate it.
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My feedbacks are 1. I recommend to use "Forget PR Firms, connect with relevant reporters yourself." as H1. In the current layout people cant see your main pitch. 2. While loading you say "Sit tight, we're searching latest news articles about "productivity" so you can connect with reporters over a common interest." I think, you should show us how important thing you do. For example you can say "we are searching 111111 resources and 222222 reporters" 3. Then "Reach All" button would be nice. To sum up, i think, you do a great job. I like the flow.
P.S. I have one concern. So this is for people who reach out to reporters instead of using PR firms. I would personally do my outreach myself instead of paying a lot of money (I checked out your pricing model). What does JustReachOut offer that one cannot do themselves for free?
@violetanedkova @dragilev ^ Same question here :)
@arturkiulian @violetanedkova Hey guys, sure, happy to answer. 1. we search the web and try to find the journalists who are the best for your keywords. we use a variety of techniques to find the most relevant journalists for you. 2. we give you the best email templates to use for reaching out. I used these very templates to get a startup acquired by Google: http://thenextweb.com/socialmedi... 3. we give you the email of the journalist you are trying to contact, we have a pretty sophisticated algorithm which finds the email. 4. I personally help you pitch press and re-write your emails. 5. We give you free access to our online course on how to do your own PR http://learn.criminallyprolific.... Bonus - I sometimes send ice cream to our customers randomly!
@rrhover - yes we do give you an email address. Our product is a bit different in a sense that we are trying to get startups to form long lasting relationships with reporters, not mass-contact a bunch of them with news of a produce launch.