Set deadlines that auto-publish to your FB/Twitter account

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Thanks for the hunt Eric! ๐Ÿ˜บ I built justPublish to solve my own problem: I have way too many draft blog posts sitting in Medium and Wordpress. My excuses for not publishing ranged from writer's block to procrastination. But then on a podcast, Malcolm Gladwell answered the question โ€œhow have you been able to write so much?โ€ by explaining how he spent years at the New Yorker working under an editor. And in the world of journalism, deadlines mean thereโ€™s no such thing as writer's block. So I built this app to let anyone create their own meaningful deadlines. You just connect it to your social accounts through Buffer, add the link, title and deadline for the draft project youโ€™re working on, and boom. The accountability and risk of social embarrassment work like magic. Yes, I even launched justPublish ahead of schedule by setting a deadline on justPublish. Let me know what you think! Iโ€™ll be hanging out all day to answer any questions. To kick things off, I'm curious: how many items are in your Medium/blog draft folder?
the number of projects I have started that haven't seen the light of day...countless. This is really cool, have you thought of adding in features to maybe track your progress before the deadline? Or is this more for an all or nothing approach?
@orestnazar Thanks! I haven't thought about adding progress tracking but that's a clear evolution. Wonder if it would make more sense to build a lightweight project manager into the app or integrate with other PM apps like Trello/Basecamp. MVP of this feature could be email notifications you set up 30,15,10,5 days before launch and reply with your progress. ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ–
This is great, especially for writers trying to get into a more regular publishing habit. Any plans to add a feature where you can pay to not be embarrassed? :P
@nateliason Depends, who is getting paid? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Based on early user data, this is likely the next feature I need to build. About 25% of new users are creating a deadline after signup, but the others are hesitant for the same reason the tool works: the fear of potential embarrassment and no control over the deadline after hitting the "schedule" button. Right now I've added a quick fix that allows you to click a button to get an extra hour to work on your project, but building a penalty system like Stickk with anti-charities or an ACLU donation to get out of it would make a ton of sense.
@brentsum Stickk's UI is terrible and I've had them mess up and charge me despite completing the task--you could definitely displace them.
I am definitely going to try out this tool. Lot of my works are pending. :D
This is great. Love it. There are some issues on mobile with formatting on the website ( iPhone 5s ). It looks great on my laptop though. Would be cool to have the ability for things to be shared that aren't just links. For example, I want to finish $X and a friend/boss/teammate with an email address has to verify that i've completed $X. If I fail to get this verified, a preset embarrassing message gets posted to my wall. Great work though.
@aden_james_tranter thanks Aden! Fixed that mobile bug ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Love the suggestion about sharing things that aren't links. It's tougher to prove that it was completed, but using a friend to verify could be the answer. Just put it on the roadmap!