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well... bieber fans can be crazy... Not sure I'd be keen handing my email or phone number just randomly and with no terms/etc on the site but like I said, they can be crazy. Also baffles me how much this has 'affected their lives'. All that being said, this could take off with the beliebers haha so be prepared to handle the traffic and bill!
@rotemthegolfer really? Its just an email/phone number capture form.
@bentossell I'm not talking about the technology behind it :) But, from this opportunity he may get a large amount of mails and phone numbers that he will be able to sell later for a lot of money.
@rotemthegolfer yeh which is not a very good model IMO. People don't want their emails and phone numbers being sold to people just to get spammed.
@bentossell @rotemthegolfer they don't care as long as they can juicy pics of biebers biceps.
Easily a top 5 product on PH today - @bentossell did you buy the JBiebs lifesize cardboard cutout that was linked to at the bottom? Would love to hear your reviews