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Ha I do watch these everyday and I'd love to see one like this for @msuster Could be good to have GIFs of the episodes as the main images so people can see the content quickly. As their are more and more, the discovery may be an issue so what do you think the best way of tackling this is? Love that there is a Klaus score btw haha - can this be a user rating?
Hi @bentossell! I'm working on a @msuster version. But first I need his permission... Yes, that's a great idea with the GIF, I'll try it with the next episode and use @Giphy Capture. Indeed it's hard to figure out a way to discover content - for now I'm just using a simple search bar that'll search for the topics described as "keys" in the episodes. 🐊 will be a user rating for sure!
@remmeltvantol @msuster Nice! Looking forward to it
@remmeltvantol i would absolutely use a @msuster version. so needed; unless he actually gets around to posting the archive videos as he promised
@_jacksmith Let's see if I can help @msuster w/ his archived videos πŸ‘πŸ»
@bentossell @msuster I agree that a @msuster archive would be perfect!
New episode #28 is live πŸ”‘πŸ“Ί