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JustGreet is an online gifting company that allows you to mail high-quality, locally-designed greeting cards with complimentary gifts from community brands. Their cards are printed on 100 percent recycled paper (no plastic here) and can be completely customized with just a few clicks. Product photography by Sophia Hsin
@_collard I think there needs to be an indicator of the price when you pick a card rather than after all the customising and entering the recipient
@bentossell @_collard Thanks for the feedback Ben! We're going to add the price to the homepage asap.
@zefareu Hi! The cost per card is $5.00 (+ shipping and tax). It works out to be $6.45 (note: this is Canadian $$). This equals $3.55 USD. We're planning to add a subscription option soon as well for those who want to send multiple cards per month for a lower price per card.
@mark_proudfoot At over twice the price of other similar services, why should I choose JustGreet? I realize you have the freebies to add, but that strikes me more as an advertising option than a proper gift. I'd probably not add the freebie myself.
@zefareu Firstly, I should have mentioned that the price is in $CAD right now so $5 = $3.55 USD) The intention is still for JustGreet to be a premium option compared to alternatives. Our cards are handwritten by a real person! (something you won't find with the other alternatives) and are printed in Canada on the highest quality 100% recycled paper we could source. Our designs come from independent artists who get a material percentage of the company's revenue. We think that this provides the customer's with more authentic design choices that they wouldn't find elsewhere.
@zefareu The gifts are a work in progress but we're trying to move towards it feeling like a 'proper' free gift (e.g. a free no strings attached yoga class) rather than a coupon or discount. We have a few new ones coming soon.
@mark_proudfoot tried out JustGreet for Mother's Day and all 3 recipients did not get their cards, including my Mom
@jasonsberland Sorry about the experience. My mom is #1 and I'd be disappointed too. I see that your card was sent May 6th; unfortunately we are at the mercy of snail mail and our cards take 4-6 business days to ship in the US (until we find a faster option). The timelines are on the checkout page and confirmation page but I think we're going to put banners on the site for future special occasions signalling the deadlines to help ensure everyone sees the delivery timelines. We've refunded your orders. Apologies again - the cards should arrive really soon (if they haven't already).