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Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
could be great for aspiring musicians. reminds me of Next Big Sound, which has been killing the space for a while. cc'ing NBS CEO @mralexwhite, a thought leader in the space.
@eriktorenberg interesting..
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@jaronrayhinds love it - a few q's: 1) tell us the philosophy behind JustGo - why does it exist + why's it important + what problems does it solve? 2) how's it better from any competitors? 3) Are you guys monetizing as a b2b platform for labels? What's the real business opportunity here?
@eriktorenberg 1.. We believe establishing a web presence and building a digital audience should be easy. We started out working with electronic music DJ/producers to give them a user friendly platform that allowed for both social and creative scheduled posting, analytics and web presence all via a single platform. 2.. At a quick glance you would think we're similar to buffer, hootsuite and other scheduling tools, but we provide much more.. such as 1) the ability to upload to Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube which is more tailored to audio/visual creators. 2.. We built tech that automatically creates videos from images and MP3s making it easy to distribute audio content on Youtube and Instagram. 3) Robust audience and content analytics 4) Automated social media report PDFs 5) Free web presence similar to Wix, Squarespace etc.. You get all of this at a fraction of the enterprise offerings currently available in the market 3.. We do have some large and indie labels as clients, but are not actively pursuing the B2B relationship, especially around data as that's the arena NextBigSound and MusicMetric are in, which doesn't make sense for us to move in that direction. However, you can see an example below of the robustness of our data harvesting. http://toppletrack.com/blog/top-... The business opportunity is simple. We want to become the go to platform to establish and growth your web presence. Not only creatives, but influencers (athletes, comedians, actors), small businesses, internet marketers or even individuals...
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