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JustDropYourResume is a modern Job Search engine. Consider it like Google for job search. Additionally, JustDropYourResume provides rating for your resume while finding the jobs matching your profile.
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Deepak Agrawal
  • Deepak Agrawal
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    Location based matching

    It also analyses competency and skill cloud.

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Just a heads up that if you read the TOS: "you may be contacted by subscribers of TurboHire.co via email, telephone and/or post [...] If you wish to modify this setting and make yourself non-searchable, you may request this by sending an email to support" Apparently you can't completely opt out unless you email them...which of course doesn't stop the affiliates who already have your info...
@geekgirlweb thanks so much for pointing this out. We would want to build the functionality to unsubscribe or forget-me-completely. This is a part of roadmap. We are extremely sensitive about people info and what we share. Thanks a lot for detailed analysis and feedback.
@aman_gour clever take :) Where do you source the job listings from?
@amrith Thanks a lot for writing. Currently, we get the job listings from TurboHire recruitment platform. We are working to integrate with many other ATS to feature the best jobs for people :)
Great idea, thought I'd give it a try. I guess most of your jobs are sourced in India, judging by the results.
@frassmith Thanks for trying the product out. We are currently available in India and US. We are working on different innovative ways to find the best jobs for people. Keep us on your watch list :)
What are the challenges that you have faced in looking for a new job?
@aman_gour Do you use a 3rd party resume parser or did you build one of your own?
@yassine_belmamoun thanks so much for writing. We have built our own parsing engine after understanding the limitation of the current popular parsing engines.
@aman_gour That's great! We did the same at Manatal.com (ATS & CRM for recruiters). I'd love to explore how we can help each other. Please feel free to reach out: yassine.belmamoun@manatal.com