Hosted and reasonably priced comment system for websites that is easy to set up and contains no ads or tracking.
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Hi everyone! My name is Alex, and I am super excited to share the product I have been building: JustComments. It's a hosted comment system for websites which I initially created for my own needs. Later I decided to offer it as a service. What's unique about it: – easy to set up and use (just copy two HTML tags to your site) – no ads or user tracking – lightweight (under 25 KB) – reasonable pricing model (you pay only for what you use) There are many more valuable features available: you can integrate your own user database, access your data via API and enjoy Markdown with code highlighting when writing comments. Behind the scenes, JustComments is powered by serverless technologies from AWS, and it means many more engineers stand behind JustComments to ensure it's available and reliable ;-) Ask me anything about JustComments! I am happy to answer any questions, and I am eagerly looking forward to your feedback, Product Hunt community 🙏
Alex just-comments is a useful service , especially integrating it for blogs. I am adding just-comments to , so that people can discover your service 😃
How it’s different from disqus?
@levchenkod Compared to Disqus, JustComments does not generate any revenue from advertising, so it does not track your users and does not sell the data to advertisers. Another aspect is the pricing model: JustComments follows the pay-per-use model; it means you only pay for the computing resources you consume. And finally, the size: JustComments has a minimal footprint for your users (25 KB) whereas Disqus can be fetching many hundred kilobytes. There is also a difference in feature set: you can use your own user database if you need; comments are written with Markdown; it's search engine friendly and many more.
I run a technical blog. Mardown support with code looks promising! Few questions - Do you support WordPress? - Does it support only Twitter login?
@gijo_varghese I don't have deep integration with WordPress. It will work with WordPress as with any other site. You only need to modify your theme/widget to include JustComments' HTML code in the right place. At the moment, only Twitter login is supported, but I plan to add FB too. If you already have an authentication mechanism on your site, you can integrate it with JustComments as described here and use existing login methods.
@orkon Cool. For techies like me adding this to WP manually is ok. But for others, it's a risky job! WP plugin would be game changer. Also checkout Gatsby, and their plugin store
@gijo_varghese Thanks, that is a great point and it is on my list. If you are interested in integrating with Gatsby, I wrote a blog post about it I will check out their plugin store too.
Looks really cool, I've worked on my own custom commenting system as well! Do you plan on adding other features to the commenting system like voting/liking posts or any other enhancements? I could definitely see me using it if there were some other features available to it. What is it built in, and are there any ways users could extend upon it?
@callumharrod Thanks! Yes, I'd like to add reactions or voting with the possibility to sort by the rating. I have not researched yet what will be the best way to support this. You can take a look at the docs page there are many features and configuration options. Also, you can use the API to build upon the system, and for those who want to customize the frontend deeply, I open-sourced it