Cloud phone system for sales and customer success teams

JustCall is a cloud phone system for sales and support teams.



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Gaurav SharmaMakerHiring@sharmag88 · CEO, SaaS Labs
I am the founder of Justcall.io and I would love to answer all your queries here. What is Justcall.io? Justcall is a cloud telephony system that helps your sales and customer service teams cater international clients & prospects better. A sales guy can generate phone numbers in any of the 29 countries that we support (incl. US, UK, Japan, Australia, South Africa + European countries) & start making calls to his/her international contacts from a local number. He/she can receive all the calls on his own phone number (without any internet requirement) or on his internet browser. Getting started is super simple : Signup with Justcall, generate a phone number (local or toll-free) and start making/receiving calls and sms. In-built CRM system allows contact management, call recording (for sales managers), call rating and so on. We also provide integrations with Zoho, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, Google contacts (& many more in making). Why we created it? Few reasons: - Our 120K users on other products are mostly online sellers (jewelry, paintings etc) and sell internationally. Our customer success team keeps in touch with them to learn what sort of business problems they face on day to day basis. Atleast 100+ sellers told us same problem - lack of easy to use international phone system for their sales and customer care teams. - We handle a remote sales and customer success team - spread across 4 continents. Most of our team members are in India so client calls were becoming super expensive and clients were always asking for a local number - they said that there are more chances of buying a solution if company has local number to call at. - We faced many problems with tracking productivity and activity of our sales teams. We tried some cloud telephony systems but they required a lot of tech resources from our end to setup. We wanted to something that Sales people can operate themselves. hence, we created Justcall.io for our team members and for tens of thousands of online sellers/merchants/saas companies that use our other products. I am always available at gaurav@justcall.io
Ravi Trivedi@trivediravi · Founder PushEngage, Angel Investor
@sharmag88 @justcall This is an Awesome product Gaurav.
Gaurav SharmaMakerHiring@sharmag88 · CEO, SaaS Labs
@trivediravi Thank you so much for the kind words, Sir ji :)
Julien Malherbe@tildedash · CTO, ShopRunBack
@sharmag88 @justcall Hi Gaurav, what is the difference with @aircall ?
Hal Gottfried@hgottfried · Founder, Level Up Labs
@tildedash seems exactly the same, there are so many services in this space now
Gaurav SharmaMakerHiring@sharmag88 · CEO, SaaS Labs
@hgottfried @tildedash: Absolutely there are number of products in similar space because this space is huge. Differentiation will be 1) Pricing 2) Positioning 3) Support 4) Flexibility of usage We are positioning this tool for International merchants say an exporter in Hongkong, Jewelry maker in Santorini Greece or a SaaS company in Chennai India. Our long term goal or mission is to help 1 million small businesses around the world take their business international and do more sales & serve customers better.
Prateek KhuranaMakerHiring@prateek_khurana · SaaS Labs
We are going to revolutionize the way you make international calls. Get your number today and just call wherever you want. Be local to 29 countries around the world. It takes 30 seconds to get your Internationation number @JustCall (https://justcall.io)
Gaurav SharmaMakerHiring@sharmag88 · CEO, SaaS Labs
You can use coupon code 50OFF for your first phone number. We are giving $3 as free calling credits to every user coming via PH.
Gaurav SharmaMakerHiring@sharmag88 · CEO, SaaS Labs
PH users can get immediate access to Justcall by going to https://justcall.io/login.php (after signup).
Gaurav SharmaMakerHiring@sharmag88 · CEO, SaaS Labs
We are now offering 30-day trial for $1 (charging $1 mainly for security purposes & to allow only serious users) . Also, giving free $2 calling credits - close to 100 minutes of calling to US number.