Just Read

Reader view for Chrome and Firefox

#1 Product of the DayAugust 13, 2017

A feature-packed and customizable article reading extension - like a read mode, but better. It removes the distractions like ads, modals, and navigation from vision, letting the user just read the content. http://justread.link/

Sophia Leão
  • Pros: 

    I really like being able to create a costum design to read pages more easily, with amazing colors and no distractions.


    Would be incredible to have an app, of course.


    Sophia Leão has used this product for one year.
One of my 3 favorite Chrome extensions of all time. As a Mac user, I want to love Safari but find Chrome to be a more broadly supported browser and the extensions make it more useful. Until now I've always wanted for Safari's reader view on Chrome and at times would copy and paste URLs for articles into Safari just to take advantage of the clean ad-free reading interface. And now I can stop thanks to this extension. I haven't found a site that it doesn't work exceptionally well on yet.
nice alternative - Mercury Reader https://goo.gl/n7N4ze
@naythiha_ that's what I use.
This reminds me of the Chrome extension "Stylish." Not really sure what this could do better. Maybe just that it comes with some default themes.
@erickbarron86 It's similar, but with Stylish you would have to add custom styles to all domains that you want to be styled. Just Read allowed you to click a button and view an article in a custom format on any domain! As well as several other features that Stylish doesn't use.
Great extension. Tried a few others, but this one is nice and simple
Looks really good - and eye-pleasing