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Offering a free 30-day posting to awesome companies with open product roles. Contact me @ jpj@mostlybrilliant.co.
@jennjenn that's fantastic. Would love to try it. @pepper.com we love our product more then anything else and are looking for support at the moment. https://pepper.bamboohr.co.uk/jo...
Nice looking job board. Simple and minimalistic design. Job board nowadays are filled with so much clutter. This is refreshing. Thank you.
@jsztern Thanks so much!
people love looking for PM roles as its a hot job in the tech world... There's only 10 listings on the site so far, what are you using to get the job info?
@bentossell Hey Ben - I'm hand-picking the roles at the moment, mostly through word of mouth from the jobs group of a PM Slack channel I manage. (I'm a PM myself.) As things pick up, I plan to create a firehose that sources from major job sites that I can then curate. That would be on top of the roles companies will post directly, of course! New postings will be going up daily and shared on @justproductjobs.
Like the idea! FYI - I clicked on a few of the 'Apply' actions and the PM role for Handy doesnt seem to be working. Are you limiting the roles at the moment to the US?
@anthony_stylianou Thanks for catching that link error! Fixed now! No intentional limit on the roles - it just so happened that the roles I picked were in NY/SF. If you know of any international opportunities, please send them my way!
@anthony_stylianou Thanks to your note, there are a few international opportunities being posted in the next few days!
@jennjenn amazing news! Will send over any roles I come across within my network. Any other way I can support let me know.
It's super hard to find good PM's, in part because there are few "deliverables" to assess unlike designers and coders where you can see their work. How do you manage that part of the process, @jennjenn?
@rrhoover I actually had this conversation about a day or so ago among a group of my PM friends. It is becoming more common to have "homework" assignments for PM interviews as well as "simulated" project breakdowns / live workshopping sessions in the on-site interview. So much of what makes a successful PM comes down to what gets bunched into "soft skills" that interviewing for those skills is much more important than the "tell me how you handled a difficult situation" lines of questioning, IMO. Show, don't tell, is just as important as a PM as it is for design and dev.