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Love the simplicity of "Just Open & Type App" — particularly having it in the name. 💫
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Thanks Niv for the hunt! 🙌 JOT is a passion project. A simple journal app that does one thing well: opens up instantly with the keyboard at the ready so you can write down spontaneous thoughts and ideas. I'm an avid journal user, having logged more than 1,000 posts on my Day One. But when one the go, interesting ideas creep into my head that I want to quickly write down. JOT does away with the "new post" button, and has almost zero load time. Just open up and get writing. JOT is free on iOS. I'm building JOT in the open, I need you guys to help me decide what features to build next. If all goes well, I'll bring this to android and a Mac app as well. IDEAS: - Search - Categories - Multiple journals - Image posts (any one use this?) - Video posts - Better editing tools - Customization (color, font) - Share to other mediums - Landscape mode I'm also adding a way to back up your data, but not yet decided on how. I take privacy very seriously, so am not rushing to implement this. My initial hunch is iCloud sync, but not yet decided.
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@pddro I like the app, it's basic, like the k.i.s.s method. I find myself using Google Keep more and more, so it's an app I can see myself use. Search would be a great addition, Categories... I would think topics, by the use of # or something as simple as your app. Synchronization between devices too :). For the rest, I don't know, I don't like it, but I'm just one guy haha. Cheers
@pddro This is really cool, and something I had been thinking a lot about needing a solution for lately. The only things that I really feel that it needs are search and export to text/Markdown. The other items on your list are cool for text editors, but simplicity is really beautiful here.
@tsunaze Thanks for the feedback Pierre.
@michaeltomko Glad that you see that simplicity (and speed!) are what I'm going for here. Search is on its way 🙌
@pddro wouldn't make this effectively the same thing as SimpleNote or DayOne?
Good product, but when it will be able for Android?
@stimes Looking to make mistakes and learn just on one platform rather than make mistakes on two. I still have a few features I want to test out, gather feedback.
Really like the app. Also never been asked to enter a password 3 times before :) I did find it difficult trying to find the app in the Appstore when typing JOT. I literally had to search for 'Just Open & Type'. In terms of what features to include: - Categories for sure. - Share easily with other channels. - fingerprint ID rather than the 4 digit password. - Option to share a journal entry with a friend. I know the idea behind a journal is to keep it private/personal, but could see value in sharing thoughts/ideas with others in 1 place. - Website interface for JOT. OR ability to import content from another source (i.e. notes, word doc, medium etc).
@anthony_stylianou Glad you liked it. Thanks for bringing up the issue appstore optimization. Still kind of a black box for many on how exactly one reaches the top of searches. Also, the list of features are great. A method to bring content for other sources is a good idea. Thanks for sharing!
@anthony_stylianou Would def need web access
Can't wait to see JOT on android !