Just Love Them

Mindful parenting made easy

Sometimes your kids can make you so frustrated and sometimes you just need a reminder that all you need to do is Just Love Them. Are you going to remember this in a year?
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But why do you have the same logo as the German dating app called "lovoo"?
@sam_buttschaft It's our old logo but still..
@sam_buttschaft @insidelovoo I’m very sorry. I did not realize it was from an existing app and that was not my intention. I replaced the icon and I’m just waiting for Apple to approve the build.
@robbwinkle Ok and do some research for your next logo. The idea is lovely btw. And thanks for noticing it, @sam_buttschaft!
@imcatnoone I think you'll like this ❤️
Very kind app. Hope it'll help to be more patient.