Just Get Me Food

Don't know where to eat? Problem solved.

Find the best nearby restaurants that are open now.

Just needed food. Just went to the website. Just pressed a button. Just get me food just got me food.
Sometimes I want a food, but I don't know which one. This app solves that problem!
@pranav_maddi we needed this back on 2HL!
Interesting! I'm one of those people who gets paralyzed by the many options there are when it comes to restaurants and cafés. I spend so much time reading reviews and adding places to lists but when I am actually hungry, it takes me ages to decide which restaurant I want to visit!
@anna_0x Thank you! This was exactly the idea. :) I spend _forever_ trying to choose between options that, frankly, are mostly pretty similar. I wanted a tool that would help me make the decision much more quickly.
Simple fun idea. It found one of my fav taco trucks nearby :)
I tried this when it was posted in HN. But didnt work. Does it uses some API? Its giving only one result not found. When tried from India.
@evivz It uses Yelp's API, among a few others. If restaurants where you live aren't indexed on Yelp, then there won't be any results. :(