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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 02, 2019

Showcasing creative side projects from passionate makers

  • Anna Mizina
    Anna Mizinaux and new products is my passion

    - its reaaally fuun - perfect fit for the boring company - or for small brack in work


    i've stacked at one game and didn't really have the time to see the rest of them

    hi! it's a truly fun project, very nice. I've spent some time on Magic Sketchpad and it's just awesome. At first, i thought, it should paint the picture for me, but then i realize, that the funniest thing is a process, it's like drawing with 8y.o a kid. Very cute)

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  • Dmitry A.
    Dmitry A.Every day is Monday, any day is Sunday

    Simple and straightforward


    Not obvious submission procedure

    Good user-generated resource

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Hey Product Hunt! So many makers have been making creative side projects. So I made a site to feature them! ✨ The plan is to feature a new project every day. Feel free to submit a project that you found/made!
@nealagarwal What's the difference between your product and Product Hunt ?!!!
@dayaldave Just For Fun is for fun and weird projects, doesn't necessarily have to be a product or startup.
@nealagarwal Love how unique and simple the submitted projects are so far! A great platform to celebrate all forms of makers 🙌
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan!
love how clean you design is!
Cool but can't click on the different project cards with uBlock enabled as it blocks google analytics. "Uncaught TypeError: window.ga is not a function at App.js:24"
@mwilen Fixed! Thanks for telling me