Just Ask

Maximize your meetings with our free live Q&A tool

Just Ask is a free-to-use Q&A tool to help make remote meetings & events more productive.
You can ask questions anonymously, upvote/downvote questions in real-time, and see all other questions from fellow participants.
Go try it for yourself and your team!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Just Ask is a lightweight audience engagement web app that allows meeting hosts to gather questions from attendees in real time. One thing: we didn't plan on launching Just Ask during a pandemic. But as we got closer to the release of the product, the Just Ask web tool took us by surprise. As Softway's entire workforce transitioned to 100% work-from-home, the features aligned perfectly to help address the numerous challenges and changes that came from working remotely. When we put it to use and began testing it with our remote teams, it worked even better than anticipated. We built the Just Ask tool for our team—but we think your organization could use it too. That's why it is free, simple to set up, accessible from any device, and feature-rich for hosts and attendees.
Read all about why we built it here! https://www.softway.com/softway-...
This is an amazing tool to ask questions with an option to be anonymous at the same time 👍
Interesting idea to boost participation from team members that have something to say but want to stay out of the spotlight
It would be more effective to show the product in action in the promotional video. By that I mean show how someone would actually go about using it during a group call.