Just Add Pepper

A simple recipe manager for iOS

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This is great! Just two things: One, it'd be great to have a '+' or 'New' button at the top right corner of lists to add a new recipe when you're already looking at a list. Two, the 'g' is missing from 'Add ingredients...' when you're adding a recipe. Congrats!
@maxwellhallel Thanks for the feedback Max, I will make those changes in the next update!
Finally, something easy to use for college!
Will install this to my girlfriend's device!
@pavlo_pedenko Let me know your feedback!
So many great recipes on the US sites and on this app. Could you add support for conversion to the metric system? πŸ™πŸ½
@magnusburton Yes, I will be adding unit conversions. Thank you for the feedback!