Just A Score

Score things. Anything.

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The idea came when I was with a friend looking at a new video game review. The writer had poured his heart out, writing thousands of words before ultimately giving the game an 8 out of 10. The comments that followed were telling – they were all a reaction to the score. Responses like "8?! Should be a 9!", "8!?! Moron! It's a 10!" were typical. We were shaking our heads in sympathy for the poor writer when I turned and said to my friend "They should just make a website where they only publish the score. They should call it Just A Score." Initially, we played with the idea of it being satirical but then, pretty quickly, we realised how useful it could be. Of course, this is all led to where the app is now but I think we have something special here. Looking forward to seeing how far we can go with Just A Score.
@aaronasadi Love the idea of rating EVERYTHING! :) Do you think a browser extension would help, since you could just rate as you go, browsing the internet?
Just A Score’s progenitor came up with the idea a few years ago as an antithesis for long-winded video game reviews - mainly because he’s lazy. It’s one of those apps that, at first, makes you think “What’s the point?”, but after you’ve scored your first couple of things, you being to understand it’s simple, but addictive nature. You can score anything, so that just makes you want to score everything. Not only that, but once your friends start scoring, you find out who they truly are. Some users are infuriated that they can’t comment on scores, but we think that adds to the pleasure. If you’ve just scored your favourite thing a 10, there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do to take that away from you. The small team that created Just A Score have only built a couple of apps before, so we’re really proud of the outcome. We hope you like it too!
A great idea – we'll add it to the list…