Video journaling app focused on authenticity and emotions.

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Hey hunters, my name is Edreece and I am the Chief Edreece Officer at Jurni Inc. My team and I built Jurni in hopes of reinventing the tradition of journaling. We are a video only platform focused on emotions and experiences. We love Pinterest and Reddit, so we adopted the topical/categorized model and applied it to video experiences. Think of your profile as a REAL reality TV show. Topics are the different channels in your life. With Jurni, you can: • Record up to a 45 second Jurni • Create and maintain a public or private video journal of your life story • Search for Jurnies all over the world via people, topics, and emotions • Follow all of another user's topics or only follow the topics that interest you most • Browse through the public and following feed • Have real life conversations through video comments I really hope you all enjoy what we have built. It's a jurni (no pun intended) for us too, so please feel free to provide us with any feedback and/or questions. We are working hard to make it a smoother experience day by day. Thanks!
Just curious. Any reason for why you chose to limit the video entry to 45s?
@abhijithcu90 Hey!! Radio and TV ads typically run from 30-60 seconds, so we wanted to stick with that range for the sake of people's attention spans.
@abhijithcu90 As far as 45 seconds goes...well, it just felt right lol.
This looks like a very good spin on 1 Second a Day. Would love to try on Android.
@ramtorn Hey Dan! Thanks for the kind words. Working on porting to Android soon! We have not forgot about ya!!
Just wanted to share a crazy milestone for us. We are approaching 1k users day 2 of publicizing the app. WOW! Thanks for the love!!
so interesting that I can leave video comment :)