Jupyter Notebook Scheduler

Run your Jupyter notebooks on a schedule with three clicks

Schedule a Notebook to run automatically. Update Pandas DataFrames daily, hourly or every 5 minutes and share data with your team via Slack or Sheets – you can also Slack matplotlib charts or any other image / output generated in your Notebook.
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It's like Superhuman, but for data analytics. Encouraging to see startups take the ethos of "speed above all else" wrt developer tools, everybody deserves lightning fast tools for their own sanity (and productivity).
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Thanks for hunting us @nickabouzeid ! At SeekWell*, we're building the fastest way to get analytics work done and we're proud today to launch our Chrome Extension. The app let's you schedule Jupyter Notebooks** to run automatically on a schedule. This frees analysts of the painful task of manually running notebooks to: 1. Update reports and dashboards 2. Provide data dumps to less technical coworkers 3. Complete long running tasks (e.g. webscraping or running models) We've also made it dead simple to drop DataFrame's into Google Sheets or send text and images (e.g. plots 📈) to Slack. As an example you could: 1. Pull data from an API or your SQL database 2. Manipulate the raw data with Python 🐍 3. Post a summary of the data into Sheets 4. Slack a message that the data is updated with a link to the Sheet or an alert for key events (e.g. only Slack a message if a metric has declined by 10%) Please check it out and let us know what you think! We'll be around all day to answer questions and available for live demos / troubleshooting. *yes, pun intended 😉, our name is a play on the way (many) people pronounce SQL (“sequel” / ˈsiːkwəl) **If you're more a SQL person, check out our SQL client at https://seekwell.io/, it's also tightly integrated with Sheets and has a shared code repository for your team.
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@nickabouzeid @mike_seekwell Does the browser tab with the notebook running need to stay open?
@nickabouzeid @eoin_murray Great question! No, you don't need to keep the notebook open. Once you set a schedule the the notebook will now run on a Google Cloud Compute Engine at your set interval. We use one of Google's Deep Learning VM's*, which comes with many popular Python packages, but if you need another package, please let me know! I'm keeping a running list of the most requested packages and will add them this week. https://cloud.google.com/deep-le...
This seems pretty great! At kyso we run thousands of Jupyter environments for our users and we constantly get requests on how to run periodic jobs - so I might start recommending this extension.
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this is awesome. thanks. Any plan for releasing firebox extension?
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@amola definitely something we're considering, I'll add your vote!
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