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Hey all! Erik from Juntoo here, thanks to @erictwillis for hunting us. We're building Juntoo for web professionals to use as a tool for giving and collecting visual feedback directly on live web pages. Its main use case is doing quick visual QA on UI & copy in the final phases of a web project. No screenshots required. That said, there are of course many other use cases (education for example). Our focus right now is to build a dead-simple UI for adding sticky notes with comments on any HTML element (not just texts). We can do that since Juntoo works directly with the DOM. This is our public beta, still some ways to go but we're psyched with what we've built so far! Wasn't expecting to be on PH this soon :-) Juntoo is basically our take on web annotation. (fun fact: did you know that Google started out as a web annotation tool?)
Collect and deliver feedback direcly on live web pages.
Hello, developer here. Ask away if you have technical​ questions.
@jacob414 would love to know the development process behind this? What issues did you bump into along the way?
@bentossell @jacob414 the basics of the development process is very dominated by the fact that it's a Chrome Extension, so the Chrome API decides most of how the development is done. Everything is web tech meaning a Javascript core displaying the UI using React.js with the help of Redux to manage local state. Everything is packaged using WebPack so that the runtime becomes loadable in Node.js as well (that means I can test much of the components completely without using a web browser).
@bentossell @jacob414 A very big challenge is to keep the CSS of our use from being overridden by the sites CSS. Our UI must be able to style itself correctly on - in theory - all other sites on the entire internet. That's hairy, and I'm still running into cases where the sites break the styling of our markings.
@jacob414 I bet thats frustrating ha!
Juntoo vs "Genius.it" - GO!
@orliesaurus Yes! Juntoo (one dev) vs Genius (+$50M funding) The game is on, see you in the trenches Genius! :-)
This is really cool. Are you planning to add third party integrations?
@mercequevedo Thanks! Yes, we will most certainly do a Slack integration, that will happen after the holidays. Then the general idea is to integrate with Trello, Basecamp, Jira etc.