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We started Junto because we knew there was a better way for digital agencies and freelancers to help businesses with their online marketing. A way that doesn't pass on the cost of inefficient agency processes and resources onto clients. Our experiences at a combined 7 agencies have helped us to define and build a proven framework that empowers freelancers and businesses to work together. We’re redefining what it means to work with a “marketing agency”. Less time; lower costs; better results. We provide traffic generation and website creation services for a fraction of the cost of any agency.
Cool idea @patahern1 and @david_freund. I've been having a good look at Freelanship and GrowthGeeks lately - I find the business model for monthly subscription marketing services really fascinating. They're both built on top of Workify, which you might consider looking at (Seems like this is a static MVP pointing at a typeform page right now). My general feedback is that I'm a bit confused by your pricing. One of the things GrowthGeeks/Freelanship do really well is create easily-identifiable packages for an easy-to-understand price, and then they segment them out by category in a really clear way. Keep up the great work!
@rossdcurrie We really appreciate the feedback, Ross. We'll have to look into Workify more to see if it can offer the flexibility we're looking for. In regards to our pricing, I would agree with you the the itemized services on Freelanship and GrowthGeeks are much easier to comprehend. Excited to hear more feedback on our package pricing to help us make it clearer to visitors.
There is a lot under the hood here that could be a total disruption to the term, "agency". It seems that your price point is really exciting for small businesses, founders and designers alike. I am really excited to see how both services manifest themselves as Junto grows. I am already a customer ;)
@tayler2412 Thanks Tayler! We really appreciate the kind words and are excited as well : )
@tayler2412 thanks for the kind note, Tayler! We're really excited to show everyone what we've been able to put together here