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I am one of the co-founders of Junior Explorers and happy to answer any questions you have. We teach kids about nature and wildlife by creating fun, interactive learning experiences. Our mission is to inspire kids to love and protect the planet. Thanks
Junior Explorers makes monthly learnings about our world incredibly engaging for kids, and it's viral.
@writerpollock Thanks! Kids needs to be inspired and our award-winning program does that by sending kids on fun adventures every month to explore diff ecosystems and solve a mystery in nature. We need every child to become a junior explorer!
Hi, I really like your product, something which is engaging yet educational for children. Love the subscription model and you are tackelling a massive market.
@nicholasjcooper Thanks! Appreciate the support.
I subscribed to Junior Explorer for my two daughters (10 and 8) and we enjoined several hours of fun discovering animals and habitats. They love the missions :)
@nicolamattina Thanks! we love it when kids love going on our adventures and learn!
Looks pretty cool. I subscribed for a kid for my daughter in first grade. Can't wait to see how she likes it.
@jonsamuelson Thanks Joe. Appreciate the support.