Keep your house plants alive

I'm incredibly excited to release Jungled, an app that helps you keep your house plants alive with smart watering reminders, species identification and coming soon... IoT sensors.
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This first release is currently free and includes: - Identifying your plants' species with a photo - Setting up a care plan for each plant with push notifications - Discover other plants you may like - Share your plant care with friends/family so you never overwater! Currently in limited release, this app also supports a hardware sensor - allowing for incredibly accurate monitoring and care. Find out more at https://jungled.io
@michael_parker4 Thanks! It is a great app for all people who has plants at home!
How does it differ from Planta?
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@mikaelf Right now, not a whole lot other than home sharing (so the care can be synced between users). Where I'm planing to take the product is much more down an automation route, so you'll be able to add a self-watering kit. Some of the other differentiators are listed in the Plus section of the app and I'm hoping to release these in the next couple of weeks.
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@michael_parker4 Thanks! The Jungled app looks really nice!
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Wow this is really cool. Wish I had something like this before - maybe I would have so many dead plants. Interface is super user friendly and being able to just take a photo of my plant to identify is cool!