June Oven Pro

A new built-in intelligent convection oven for your home

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This is a logical and welcome step for the June, which previously was only available as a standalone unit and took up (from my vantage anyway) tons of countertop space. The June Pro, available for sale today on the company’s website for $1,995, comes in a 24″ wall model, with other sizes to be made available soon. In addition to being the company’s first wall oven, the June Pro will have the same features which made the original June stand out, such as in-oven HD camera, fast-heat carbon fiber heating elements, app control, and automatic software updates. The June Pro’s internal dimensions are the same as the countertop model, with a height of 12.8 inches, 19.6 inches wide, with a depth of 19 inches. The June Pro, which is expected to ship within 30 days, comes with “white glove” installation service.
Hi, Matt from June here. One of my favorite features of June is it’s the first appliance to get better over time instead of worse. For example, we just pushed out new "Slow Cooker" and "Warming Drawer" apps in a software update on all ovens. We're literally building new appliances in software. Excited to now have a the June Oven Pro in market.
@mvanhorn Curious what other ways the oven could get better? Those are cool features, but they're effectively just UX improved temperature controls. Beyond that, what can I control? Temp over time? Turn oven on/off? What else? I like the idea in an abstract sense, but when I think about the detailed specs created, it seems like the list would run out pretty quickly. But I, of course, don't know nearly the same amount about your market. Curious your thoughts!
@zachtratar from what I understand, June constantly updates their ovens to cook different foods better, and recognize more foods to optimize.
Feedback: - Am I supposed to make a purchasing decision on this site? There are almost no technical details about the oven. Or pictures. Or information of any kind. - $1,995 sounds like a ton, but a lot of kitchen appliances are more expensive. This appears targeted towards the younger generations who value "smart" appliances, but they are also first time purchasers of kitchen appliances and get sticker shock no matter what. Might be worthwhile to have a feature/price comparison widget to show that the price, albeit high, is still reasonable. - Can I fit a turkey in it? The picture makes it appear super small, almost like you guys just repurposed the normal June oven with a front-plate and called it something "pro." I think people will think they need a full-sized oven, and when thinking about intelligence vs size, you're really going to have to sell hard if smaller. Rock on + good luck. Always respect people in the hardware space -- stuff's hard.
@zachtratar Your hunch is correct: "It is actually the original June Oven but it can be built into the wall like a wall-oven."