Cook anything using our professionally developed, multi-step cook-programs. To make the perfect steak, June automatically switches back and forth between roast, broil and bake.
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Nikhil and I are really excited to share June with everyone today. Kitchen innovation has been stagnant for years, not much has come since the microwave was popularized in the 70s. So we set out to create the June Intelligent Oven. This is a countertop oven that will bring restaurant quality results to the food you make in your kitchen. We would love to hear from you. What features would you like to see on the oven and in our applications? What types of recipes should we develop before shipping? P.S Product Hunters get $100 off with code "PH100". This will be taken off your final order!
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@mvanhorn Is this awesomeness only 110V or 110/220V?
@mvanhorn Congrats on the launch, Matt! Refreshing to see things like this. Out of all the things you could be working on, why this?
@mvanhorn Does it support HomeKit? this can be the beginning of everything
@cprins_ @mvanhorn 110V right now. 220V later.
@eriktorenberg @mvanhorn My co-founder and I love cooking and technology, and looked at the kitchen today and knew it could be so much better.
I've seen this thing in real life - it's one of the coolest/most professional hardware startup products I've ever seen. Very cool guys and congrats on the launch.
great but 1500 USD on pre order (2500 USD after)?
@ourielohayon I was thinking the same thing. It does look sweet though.
I think this is awesome, but isn't $3,000 MSRP a lot for a 'smart' toaster oven?
@brybell for the size yes it is a lot. But I guess we should get excited about the technology, price go down later
We really wanted great gpgpu performance for our computer vision stack and leave headroom for future improvements.