June Care

Digital care counselor for alzheimer's caregivers

With a combination of digital tools and personalized expert guidance, we help relieve caregiver stress and enable caregivers to more fully engage in the care of their loved ones.
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Hi PH, thanks for checking us out June Care was inspired by my personal experience as a caretaker for a family member. The numbers are scary. 1 in 10 seniors have dementia (incl. Alzheimer's) and they are the most at-risk population for preventable health costs. 75% of families can't afford professional care, so end up taking care of their diagnosed relatives without help. This leads to poor health outcomes and early placement in nursing homes. June Care is here to help coach family caregivers and provide them with a supportive cohort of peers to lean on. We've worked with dementia psychologists to develop our program and now testing our second set of pilots. We'd love feedback, and I'll be around all day to answer any questions!