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Update (April - 2016) We're very excited to announce the improvement of JumzleR from a social network to a search engine allows people to search their interests using 11 different search filters, we treat each filter as a search engine with very high quality results to help you search professionally.
Tell us about Jumzler - what is the story behind it? @eg_yosef
@bentossell thanks Ben for asking this great question. The idea of JumzleR is to build a community that gives people most of their needs in the way which people actually like. I wanted to build a community that holds the balance between giving the full privacy control and all the usual features of the social network, and holding the balance between being a private community that respects the user and the freedom of the community, and being a web friendly community that lets people share and engage with content from most of the other social networks and media websites, and even expanding to cover news sources like CNN, and making partnerships with communities and services from around the web with a primary goal of feeding the most of the people needs in the way that they actually like, and taking the experiences of browsing the Internet to a whole new level with even a greater experience.
Is there any iphone app for this ?
@lkkwus we're building it in the main time, I think it will be available in the next few hours.
Does this product solve the problems people face creating communities in Slack or is this targeted towards a different audience?
@ghiliweld While I don't know which problem you're talking about. I think slack is a great product for what it made for. JumzleR is totally different. JumzleR is more similar to facebook, it lets you enjoy mostly all the features of the fb, adding to this that you can share and embed content from other socialmedia websites like Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, tumblr, ..etc, and you can even engage with this content (e.g. follow someone on twitter, fav a tweet, or like a vimeo video) from inside JumzleR. Besides the full privacy control inside a private community. Also, you can create, manage, and join groups inside JumzleR.
@eg_yosef What I meant is that a lot of people use Slack to build communities. I was wondering if you were going to target these users as well and solve the problems Slack has with building communities (like the invitation system or the member limit).
@ghiliweld we don't have problems like those you mentioned about limits and invitations. Mentioning that JumzleR is FREE for everyone including the existing and the upcoming features, beside that everyday we're studying, searching, and providing new features to give people what they need or what they're looking for, and to improve the experience people have while browsing the Internet. Sometimes we do this - integrating - with another service. Thank you :)
It'll be available in the AppStore in the next few hours ? This looks like a very interesting product and would definitely be trying it out