Jumsoft Money

Your sweetest accounting application.

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Jumsoft Money is your next personal finance application that syncs across all iDevices via iCloud.

Brett Garwood
  • Brett Garwood
    Brett GarwoodOwner, Red BAG Media

    Automatic Downloads, iCloud Sync, Beautifully Designed, Track Across All Apple Devices, Fair Subscription Pricing for Auto Download


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    Be in control of your finances! Money is a beautifully easy tool to keep track of your financial life on all your macOS and iOS devices: everything from daily transactions to long-term investments! Just like having a personal accountant available 24/7!

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Brett Garwood
Brett GarwoodHunter@brettgarwood · Owner, Red BAG Media
Love this product for monitoring personal finances and family budget. They newly released automatic downloads from over 50,000 financial institutions! Unlike others who store data on their servers, Money utilizes iCloud. It also syncs across devices. They are still working on bring full automatic download to iDevices.