A minimal React and Redux framework

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I'm not a developer by profession, so understanding all the different pieces of the React ecosystem, and building a good infrastructure out of that has been very challenging. I'm looking forward to give Jumpsuit a go!
Very excited about this!
Jumpsuit is a powerful and extremely efficient Front-end framework & CLI. It is the fastest way to write scalable react/redux apps with the least overhead. No boilerplate Dedicated build system Scaffolding tools Minimal API Simple and scalable state management based on redux You can have it installed and be writing actual code (not setup or boilerplate) in less than 5 minutes. Already have your own build system? Just use the module and ditch you react/redux boilerplate!
@jsonmaur Very interesting, we will check it out
Excited to give this a look as I've been taking @andrew_j_mead 's React course on Udemy and am starting to dive deeper into React.
This is very cool. I hate those frontend toolchain setups, but now jumpsuit could be the go-to option.