JumpStart Toolkit

A pack of tools and goodies to jumpstart your startup

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Ali R. Tariq
Product Designer, Axonify
Paul Scrivens, aka Scrivs, of the 40 Day Startup fame, is one of the hardest working guys I know. He pours a lot of energy and passion into everything he does and is a classy gentleman all round. After working on a ton of side-projects he's built up a repo of templates and tools that have helped him get faster and more efficient in his own work. And he's generously making them available for everyone with the JumpStart Toolkit. I'll let Paul fill in the details! Fire away any questions.
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Creation Scientist, Makers Mob
Thanks for the hunt @alirtariq! As he mentions I love to build and test new ideas, but there are a lot of parts of the process that I don't like to do over and over again. So I decided to start piecing these together in different templates that would make them move a bit faster. I can't tell you how how many times I've had to look up the right size for my Twitter header or which sites I need to submit my project to. I've written over 500 blog posts in my life and yet still have trouble sometimes coming up with what I should start a new blog with. That's what the JumpStartup Toolkit is trying to make easier.
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