Jumpstart is the perfect starting point to build your new product idea. Skip weeks of development on things like authentication, teams, payments and billing, social login, admin areas, staging, etc, etc. Instead, focus on building and launching your product.
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Hey guys! We built Jumpstart because we want to make it easier to launch new product ideas. We noticed we were wasting a lot of time doing this for every app (and so were a lot of other people) so we decided to put all these things into a template that you can "jumpstart" your product ideas with. Check out the Youtube video above to see how I used Jumpstart to build a basic product to sell videos (think courses, tutorials, screencasts, etc) in under 10 minutes! What else would you guys find useful to have out of the box when starting a new product?
Hi @excid3, congrats on the launch. As a GoRails customer it's great to see your face on the Maker list here. My main question that the website doesn't answer is how customizable is the billing feature? For example can you change between Per-Seat, Per-Team pricing etc? I think this comes at a good time, especially when https://bullettrain.co/ increased their prices recently. Great work
I love your tool ! Congratulation !
This one is awesome!
Looks like Jumpstart is a low-code tool that help ideas ship faster. Wish to see something like this being a complete nocode tool. Thoughts? Btw congrats on the launch πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
@5harath no code would be great but it's too limiting for building unique ideas usually. You have to typically do some custom work if your idea is different. That's why we wanted to give you something as close as possible but still flexible.