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I’m super excited to share with you the first app released by Canon Innovation Lab – Jumpshot. We soft launched in Canada several weeks ago and are now bringing Jumpshot to our friends in the US :) Imagine trying to organize your photo collection in the days before digital photography. Remember those days? First, you’d start by dumping your collection of photos on a table. Then you’d pick up the photos one by one. If a photo was good, you’d put it in the ‘keep’ pile. If it wasn’t, you’d put it in the ‘toss it’ pile. Today, with the swipe of a thumb, we’ve brought that same simple process to digital photo libraries. With Jumpshot, you’re left with the memories that really matter—and that’s when you can start to do incredible things with your photo collections. Jumpshot is built by an incredible team here at Canon Innovation Lab where we are focused on creating amazing post-capture experiences that live between the moment you take a picture and the lifetime you spend enjoying it. We’re eager to hear what the community thinks and happy to answer any questions about the app or our process.
@mattwiechec Oh wow Matt & Team ha I didn't realize Cannon had a Lab this is interesting. How long have you guys been working on this ( how big/diverse is the team )....been waiting for you guys to innovate a bit cough make lens for mobile computing devices...is this a new direction of some sort...what's the end goal given your "parents" are worth billions and have been innovating for like 80 years. Btw I'd love to collaborate with you guys on something I'm working on it's in the similar space, a by product to compliment our AI driven camera app team built that has 250,000 users... ping me: nick@questmobile.co
@nicholassheriff Hey Nick. Thanks for the feedback! The Canon Innovation Lab was founded in 2014 as small team of three (checkout www.canonlabs.io). We are currently nine people, four working on Jumpshot and the rest working on new products. Most of the team is listed as makers on this page if you want to connect with the team :) I wouldn't say there's an "end goal" for the lab. In a company as big as Canon, this is our attempt to take a lean, startup like approach to new product development. Would love to talk about collaboration. Sending you an email now.
@mattscobel @nicholassheriff Hi, I have written several ways, yesterday I tried to contact you through a person who did an interview for the launch of Jumpshot, I would like to see how I can collaborate with you, I have very interesting ideas to innovate in the market of Social photos. https://phollo.me/arceliocarrasco
Great to see the Canon Innovation Lab in Communitech put together something for photographers and enthusiasts alike! I know a lot of hard work and dedication went into creating this, so kudos to the team. Looking forward to using this and other products that will come out of the lab in the near future.
@tj thanks Taylor. Feel free to email us with any suggestions or ideas at hello at canonlabs.io
This is a good app. I took a screenshot of my space usage before starting and am going to take another once I get through my 5000+ images. I’m a few hundred in and already had an excuse to see lots of 2 year old pictures and also delete a bunch of fuzzy garbage.
@robdrimmie thanks for the feedback Rob. Can't wait to see these screenshots! :)
Great to see Canon innovating in the app space. This is a great first start and I'm excited to see how they run with this!
relive some old photos while organizing and getting rid of shitty ones. Do this while feeling like you are on Tinder (which means you can swipe left on all those pics of that ex you hate and don't want to see again).
@d0b0 you've found the true purpose :)