Jumpshare for Business

File sharing and collaboration for creative teams

Jumpshare for Business helps teams accomplish great work together. Quickly share what you are working on with your team without interrupting your workflow. Share files, screenshots, screen recordings, and more with your whole team. Access files uploaded by everyone in your team, and collaborate from one place.

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Hi everyone, We received an amazing response from the Product Hunt community on the launch of our Mac, Windows, and iPhone apps earlier. Many of you quickly adopted it as your go-to app for sharing files, screenshots and screen recordings. However, after listening to creative agencies and businesses, we found that it didn’t solve the biggest challenge teams face which is the real-time visual collaboration that keeps everyone on the same page when working on projects. So over a year ago, we set out to completely reimagine how creative collaboration should work for modern teams. Today we’re thrilled to introduce Jumpshare for Business to power the creative collaboration of small-to-medium sized teams, whether they’re in the same room or spread around the globe. Building this product was incredibly challenging for us as a small team that’s completely bootstrapped. Massive props to the Jumpshare team more than anything to get this developed and launched. Here’s a quick overview of what Jumpshare for Business offers: - A shared real-time workspace for your whole team - 2 TB (2,000 GB) of storage space - Add, remove, and set permissions for team members - Control access for each team member and restrict commenting and viewing activity - Prevent files from being accessed by anyone outside the team for additional security - Automatic notifications to all team members when files are shared via team inbox You can read our blog post with pictures and more details here: https://blog.jumpshare.com/2018/... We hope Jumpshare for Business helps your team become more productive! We all look forward to hearing your thoughts on what we’ve created. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and we'll respond to them throughout the day. :)
Happy to see the next major evolution of Jumpshare — my favorite file sharing service. I've been using it daily for the past two years. My collaboration workflow would slow down to a crawl without it.
@waisybabu Thank you Awais! We're very happy to hear that! :)
Looking forward to try Jumpshare for Business this week. I've been a paying Jumpshare user for a few years now and I can highly recommend them. They are a small, passionate, and friendly team. Jumpshare is my go-to tool to quickly share images and files with clients and fellow designers.
@larkef Thanks, Larkef! Looking forward to seeing you try Jumpshare Business. We're delighted to hear Jumpshare is your default tool to share your work. Please let us know if there is anything we can improve. :)
JumpShare is an integral part of my workflow. It enables me to take/comment/share screenshots on the fly. Its UX is top notch and designed for humans.
Love Jumpshare, two wishes though. Make it easier to move to the business plan we have a team with around 10 individual accounts and when signing up to business get "Email address is already in use". For daily workflow have the option to auto copy the image to the local clipboard instead of the link this will make it faster to paste the image in other systems like basecamp, help scout etc rather than just pasting the link or the current workaround of pasting the link in a browser, waiting to load, copying image and then pasting image.
@buzzdan Thanks Dan! Love the feedback! We're ironing out the kinks and we will definitely improve this process. For now, you can log in to your account and then try to move to the Business plan. It should be pretty smooth, but if you come across any issues, please feel free to shoot me an email at ghaus@jumpshare.com and I will personally look into it. Great idea! We added the "Save" option in our Annotation window to quickly save screenshots to the clipboard for sharing. We will also add it in Preferences for those who want to make it their default option. Another idea we're looking into is to offer a Chrome browser extension that integrates with various services and automatically expands the Jumpshare link to show the preview. ;)
@jumpshare @nakodari thanks for replying so fast, found the business upgrade in the top right profile dropdown, doesn't seem to be a link under billing where I was looking :) Re Save not ideal as opens the file dialog, I think a preference or shortcut to copy image to clipboard quickly would be ideal e.g. still upload it but have the option to copy the image to clipboard instead of copying the link so can be directly pasted into other programs, could use native Mac screenshot except then cannot edit/draw on the image etc
@buzzdan Got it! We're noted these suggestions down on our to-do list. We will ship them in our next Mac update. 🙌🏼 🚀
@nakodari appreciate it, I just saw the simple toggle between personal upload and team upload that is slick, thanks for the great product!