Let sales teams learn by watching peers sell

"Hey new guy, jump on a call I have with this client and shadow me so you can learn". Insights in sales calls are lost or locked in silos.

JumpOn lets you easily create video conference calls that are shared to a team timeline, others can easily jump on, watch and learn. Meetings are recorded, transcribed and searchable as knowledge-base

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Looks good! Perfect for bigger sales teams where new people join every month. I would like to publish an interview about JumpOn at https://startupradius.com/ at no cost at all - please fill the form on the website, or PM at paul@startupradius.com
@startupradius @paul_shuteyev Thanks Paul. Surprisingly a couple of our early customers are looking at using it as an engagement tool where anyone (even someone not new) can jumpon a call - "we've had developers jump on a sales call to listen to feedback during demo calls; we've also had implementation teams use it as a tool to share knowledge." The next milestone for us is hooking it up to AI - humans don't do a good job at picking up subtle emotional signals - we're using AI to transcribe text and tap into emotional intelligence to expose those subtle signals - extracting sentiment, engagement, key-word selling, etc. While this tool would work great for large sales team to onboard new members, there is tremendous opportunity for micro/small teams as this tool can help you get better as usually they are stretched thin. Will certainly fill out the form 😉
@zxed Thanks for such a detailed reply! Glad to hear that, and will be waiting for your message to discuss the interview :)
Lots of comments on “how this works” - think I need to go back and explain how this works in a video or better explainer somewhere. 1. You create a JumpOn (meeting) 2. This is posed on your team dashboard 3. The JumpOn has an external link 4. When a team joins they can chose to be invisible or be a participant. 5. When someone joined with external link, they join as participant. Invisible team members can see the live meeting - but they don’t show up in participant list and no video is shown too.
Hello PH community. We built this tool to easily share all meetings that are going on with your teams, letting them jumpon and listen to learn. We're also working on transcribing the recording as well as adding emotional intelligence insights via AI. So that you have access to sentiment, keywords, talk-time and other insights - these were features asked by our pilot customers. Our focus today is sales teams, there is so much a new person on the sales team has to learn to get up to speed - this is one way to ramp up on-boarding. We love feedback, can we add something that would make your sales meetings more productive?
What a wonderful design. I love it very much.
What a wonderful design. I love it very much.