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Thank you @neerajt4 for the hunt! We are super excited to share Jumper with the PH community. If you are using social media to promote or sell your products, its like magic for you, as it allows you to automatically message your product details to any one who comments on your posts. We currently support Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube posts and Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and SMS as the current messaging channels. Our goal is to provide this seamless experience across all social media and messaging channels. — If you are a brand or product owner you can use this to reduce your churn and get more sales directly on social media. Customers will be able to complete the purchase within the messaging app itself. We also provide you with a dashboard to completely track all orders. — If you are an event organiser you can use this to capture leads and sell tickets. — If you are a marketer you can use this to increase engagement, run promotional campaigns, acquire leads and get better results from your social budgets. — If you are already using a chatbot for customer service, this can easily integrate with your current flow. We currently have retail and lifestyle brands, event organisers and insurance companies using this. We would love to see how the community can use this to grow their business. You can also check out a live demo of the product here: Here's a few test links to try it out on Facebook & Twitter: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/benchwa... Twitter: https://twitter.com/benchwarmerssg /Team Jumper
@zykotak All the best! :)
@neerajt4 Thank you so much! :)
One 'hashtag' across multi-channels to turn your chosen #hashtags from trends to sales, taking your customer along a seamless conversational experience.