World's first Directory-as-a-Service offering.

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"JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS) securely connects employees and IT resources through a single, unified cloud-based user directory. It is the single point of authority and authentication for a business’s many employees and access rules."
Thanks for the shoutout @erictwillis. CEO and Co-founder of JumpCloud here. I'm happy to answer questions that people may have, and welcome any feedback.
@rajatabhargava Did the initial idea for this evolve out of a conversation you had with @bfeld ?
@erictwillis Yup - although I was simply reacting to Raj and teams thoughts.
@erictwillis The initial idea for the product didn’t directly come from a conversation with @bfeld, but we did hone the concept a great deal / move it forward significantly. Brad and I have been working together for over 20 years, so we end up collaborating a lot on product strategy. Sometimes Brad has the initial kernel of an idea and then we work on it, and other times, I may bring him ideas and we work on them together. The core concepts for JumpCloud have come from users/customers. A group out of Boston gave us the very first seed of an idea for JumpCloud a while ago and then we just kept refining the concept by talking to people and also thinking about where we could take it. The idea of placing your directory in the cloud makes so much sense to us, and we have been really excited about the reception we have received over the last few weeks as we have announced the product.
@rajatabhargava Thanks for the backstory Rajat.