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Have a question? Ask away. Ask me what I think about the new Sketch 3.7 update, the new "Symbols" overhaul, what apps and integrations I'm excited about and where Adobe's response to Sketch, Adobe XD, fits into this. I wrote this book in about 10 different countries, you can ask me about that too! Never used Sketch? Ask me what it is!
Any writing in Vietnam? Thanks to your posts on digital nomadism, I was inspired to work in SE Asia for the last five months. It's been wonderful :) Thank you!
@jpelker Amazing! Glad I could help! Sadly not Vietnam, but Bangkok and Hong Kong, yes! Other than those two it was mainly Europe. It's funny, after reading Meng To's story on travelling/writing a book after his US visa was rejected, it inspired me to travel as well. It's brilliant how inspiration travels like that.
@jpelker You'd be proud to know that I've been in Asia for the last 5 months, including Vietnam. We miss you buddy.