Jump Jack

Help Jack save his baby sister from evil robots

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I'm a bit of a sucker for retro-style games like this...
@grizzwithak awesome! You are who we made this game for! Just for you ;)
@ryanarossman Haha appreciate it! S/O to @HeyYoBenz for bringing this game to my attention.
Most fun project I've ever had the chance of working on!!!
Ok, so thanks for peoples interest in our little game! Jump Jack was the brainchild of my bro @rossman_eric and is based on his son Jack, being a super hero and saving his sister from evil robots. We grew up in the NES/16bit era, and both played A LOT of video games. This project took us a little over 2 years, as we are both full time dads and have full time jobs. I did most of the artwork between the hours of 10pm and 2am, and always crossed my fingers that my 1 year old would sleep through the night! We wanted to make a straight forward, classic style platformer game, that was challenging (like the old days) yet rewarding (like the old days!)! We wanted to create a game that was simply fun, but offered a level of accomplishment that has become lost with free to play games and endless runners. How awesome was it when you used to BEAT a game! That feeling was so awesome... so we hope people will take on the challenge that Jump Jack is and beat it on Retro Hard mode. This was a passion project for sure, and I hope my bro and I WILL choose to justify doing this again. Eric Rossman did coding and design. I did artwork and music. One fun fact, and probably what is the most fun challenge in this game is that it's possible to destroy every robot in every level while maintaining a combo in each level... that's the challenge for the hardcore gamers. Good luck!