E-mail encryption plugin for Chrome

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This is an interesting space recently gaining traction, key products in this space include open source projects like Oxguard, Mailpile, Briar. Correct me if I am wrong but the key differentiator for this product to similar products seems that it integrates as a google chrome extension?
Hey @acondurache - thanks for the comment. To answer your question - yes, it's that integration that sets us apart but moreso our key management and distribution capabilities which means people don't need to share keys or passwords - Jumble does this automatically.
Maybe this is something that's going to make me use Gmail on the web. So cool to see how plugins are evolving and turning into full on apps and
@bramk our iPhone app is being released soon and we're currently working on supporting more platforms such as Office365, Yahoo! Mail and on encrypting attachments. Jumble is free for all individual users so there's no excuse for not protecting your data anymore! #privacymatters