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July Carry-On combines tech and elegant design to give you a more considered travel companion. With July you can charge your phone on the go, anywhere. Enjoy unmatched comfort. Enjoy aerospace grade durability. July is beautiful on the outside, and on the inside it offers next-level ease and practicality when packing.

  • Pros: 

    Sleek and minimalist design



    People always boast about their travel experiences. But why just boast about experiences when you can also boast about your awesome little luggage friend? Yess!! Hello July

    Paul Peng has used this product for one day.
  • Shamini R
    Shamini RLiving the dream

    Looks good, charges my laptop on the move, handle that stops at whatever height I want! (so good depending on my shoe choice of the day)


    No check-in version, only just launched

    Product looks great and promising. Exciting thing for me is the fact that in heels or not I can adjust the height of the handle to suit me. Can't tell you how good this is. I've pre-ordered, can't wait to start flying with it.

    Shamini R has never used this product.
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Stephen Colman
Stephen Colman@stephen_colman · Digital Product Designer
Wasn't there a bunch of issues with luggage that have built in chargers. TSA didn't allow them or something? How are you getting around this?
Athan Didaskalou
Athan DidaskalouMaker@ath · Founder, July
@stephen_colman hey Stephen! There was an issue when the airlines and TSA standards changed to stop all batteries from being stored in the cargo area - due to the fact that if something happens, like a phone exploding, it's difficult to access and resolve. Batteries, like powerbanks or your phone, are allowed in as carry-on. We've also made our powerbank ejectable, should there be any desire to check in your luggage too.
Glenn Rogers
Glenn RogersHiring@glenn_rogers · Co-founder @ Float
Love this design. Seriously beautiful piece. And props to them for backing it with a lifetime warranty. Question for Athan, if the polycarbonate is so unbreakable why do you need the aluminium bumpers?
Athan Didaskalou
Athan DidaskalouMaker@ath · Founder, July
@glenn_rogers appreciate the love Glenn! Lifetime warranty anywhere in the world too, so if you have an increment in Paris we’ll save you with speed. Regarding the bumpers, polycarbonate is a super bouncy and strong material that is lightweight and perfect for luggge. Whenever there is a fall, if the case lands on the flat side the impact is spread out, the PC bounces, and damage minimised. But if lands on a corner, the impact is focused on one area and chances of breakage or popping in are higher. The aluminium bumpers reinforce that strength and allow for a lot of that impact to be absorbed by the metal.
Glenn Rogers
Glenn RogersHiring@glenn_rogers · Co-founder @ Float
Cheers @ath Having broken plenty, that makes sense! Awesome.
Kim Low
Kim Low@kim_low
Super excited to have gotten on the pre-order list to make July part of my travel necessities. I am an advocate for thoughtfully designed and well made items and this piece is definitely designed with features to last. Good job on the design process! To top that, hello lifetime warranty making it a tough decision when deciding on the colour as this would be the last case you would ever need to buy. Given the price point for the return value though, two or three of these would not be a crowd. July ticks all the boxes of features for the perfect carry on - portable batteries, lightweight durable case, great wheels and handles to suit the petites (we exist too). Thanks to the customer service team for answering all my queries I had before placing my order. The only cons to July is that we need to see more accessories and further additions to the July range. It would suck to have to shop elsewhere to complete the collection. Can't wait to see what else is brewing. We want more! Lastly, YAY to it being Melbourne, Australia-designed (only cause I love supporting my local community).
Athan Didaskalou
Athan DidaskalouMaker@ath · Founder, July
@kim_low hey Kim, thanks for the love and welcome to the Founders Club too! Great to have you in the July family. If there's anything else we can do for you please let us know :)
Mike Ebinum
Mike Ebinum@mikeebinum · Tech Director, Sheda
Looks like a great product, how much can it fit? and does the USB charging work?
Athan Didaskalou
Athan DidaskalouMaker@ath · Founder, July
@mikeebinum thanks mike! Currently holds 36 litres but in reality that’s about 4 days worth of clothes. Perfect for work or a cheeky getaway. The power bank is solid, fast charge capable and has two USB-A and one USB-C. Elejectable, you can use it anywhere
ENAcapture@enacapture · startup geek
How heavy is this case? and are you releasing check-in bags down the track?
Athan Didaskalou
Athan DidaskalouMaker@ath · Founder, July
@enacapture hey! the Carry-On is 3kg plus 200g for the removable powerbank. Most hardcases fall between 2.5-5kg in weight, and ours is 3kg but packs in a lot of features for such little weight compromise - we've added a killer telescopic handle that has over 25 different height positions so you're always comfortable when you glide.