Turn your Mac into a Bluetooth speaker

Julius is a Mac app to turn your Mac into a Bluetooth speaker

Herman van Boeijen
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    Nothing. Not touching it if I don't trust a company. Stealing artwork says you can't trust a company with other things too.


    Don't rip off art. The icon is stolen from bit trip runner. That sucks

    Don't rip off art. The icon is stolen from bit trip runner. That sucks

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Hey Product Hunters, I am Aaron, founder of Pixel Egg Studio, today we are happy to launch a new Mac app called Julius, which turns your Mac into a Bluetooth speaker. AFAIK, Julius is the only Mac app which can make your Mac as a Bluetooth speaker, correct me if I am wrong. Julius can playback high quality audio streams from almost all Bluetooth devices, including Android Phone, iPhone, and other iOS devices. Please have check out Julius and leave your feedback here, I am around here for answering your questions. Feel free to ask me questions. :) Thanks for your interest and have a good day. Aaron Founder of Pixel Egg Studio
@ryh1113 I'm curious why I'd use my Mac as a Bluetooth speaker if I can play something directly from my Mac 🤔 Can you explain some use-cases that go beyond using it as a speaker?
@amrith Hi, I treat Julius as a virtual bluetooth speaker for other mobile devices while I am not having a real bluetooth speaker. I think there are some use cases where a virtual bluetooth speaker is needed while I don't have a real bluetooth speaker near me. For example, If you need to playback your music in your phone, and want a louder or higher quality speaker, then you can use Julius on your Mac. (Of course, you can connect a more HI-FI speaker to your Mac to bring you the best music experience with more controls)
Clever idea and very useful when you don't have cables and want to play your music from your mobile device on your laptop or desktop's speakers!
@cm0nt0y4 thank you for your interest.
Cool idea(?), just wish the icon was original (It's an image of Runner from the BIT.TRIP games 🤔🤔🤔)
Its a bit weird, for a moment I tought this was an awesome idea... But for example if I want to play something in spotify I can just... play it from my phone into the spotify app in my mac... and that can be done with other apps as well... maybe you could use the software in other macs (and maybe windows too) so you could play the same music in multiple computers... you could turn a study group into a party with sorround sound lol. but as it is right now, just using a mac as a bluethoot speaker is kinda lame, Im sorry but right now the people that gets interested might just lose interest as fast as they got it. Something awesome would be using a phone as a webcam or microphone... or maybe use the phone as a trackpad... Also I would change the icon, I have seen that before.
Thanks for developing this. I have a mac I use as a media server and several apps, such as audible and radio shows embedded on websites do not have the 'play on...' features embedded in apps like Spotify. Again, thank you.
@jess_hooks Thank you for your interest.