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#4 Product of the DayDecember 24, 2016
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Looks good, but what sets you apart from the dozens of other influencer marketing marketplaces?
@alteredorange We have quite a few competitive advantages, one of which is that the quantitative data on our platform is not simply scraped from social media channels, it's added and vetted by actual humans (our research team members).
How does this compare to Niche? How do I sign up to become an influencer?
@chrismessina Niche is a 'managed services' influencer solution. Our platform allows brands and agencies to run campaigns themselves and provides them with the tools necessary to organize a campaign from start to finish.
@russwildejr I see. How do I sign up to become an influencer?
@chrismessina shoot me an email and I'll send over more info: rwilde@juliusworks.com. Thanks Chris!
@russwildejr @chrismessina Are agencies ready for this? It went marketing tool is very difficult to get buy in and training there. Would love to know how you are positioning to get people on self serve.
@ggnall shooting you a note now, happy to connect
How much does it cost?
@jacqueshbastien Pricing varies based on number of seats.
@russwildejr shoot me an email, jacques[at]shade.co would love to learn more. Say 1 seat for now.