Juleap helps you manage and enjoy your daily routine by providing all the tools you need to never drop the ball again!

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Idea looks super awesome! Is it web-only or on iOS/Android as well?
@michelvanheest Thanks! currently yes, only web/PWA clients are available. IOS/Android clients are in development and will ship early May.
@michelvanheest @entregrammer is there also any plan for a MacOS App?
@michelvanheest @hesperiashimo Yes, MacOS/Win/Linux Apps will come out in the second quarter of this year
Clean design, great job.
To-do List & Calendar & Timer seems great combination to get things done well!
Looks like a really cool product. I've always struggled with similar products because they didn't satisfy my needs. I even used my own custom tool on excel :) This however, seems as the sth I could use. Some suggestions: - It would be great to be able to change the event duration on the calendar by dragging the lower border of the event box, as on google calendar. - In the Inbox view, it would be more convenient to see the day of the event on the left before the time. - in any view - some kind of automatic sorting would be great. I'd prefer to see important tasks first, other tasks that are not scheduled and only then the scheduled tasks. It would be painful to sort them manually - Maybe would make sense that if the event is already scheduled, after a single click, you'd be referred to the event on the calendar, and the event would be highlighted there. - Double click on the event could go to edit event window. - When adding an event, it would be great to have presets of tags available to click without the need to type - would be great if you didn't need to go to the edit window of the event to apply preset tags. Maybe they could always be there on every task greyed out, and easily added by taping on them - when dragging a task to the calendar, you should be able to drag it to another day, e.g. you drag it to 14th and the 14th day's schedule is activated, and the you drop the task on the appropriate time slot - when you filter tasks by a tag and add a new task, the same tag should be automatically applied to the new task - Spaces between days could be smaller in the Next 7 Days view - Undo feature would be great if possible. - And google calendar integration is important for me as well
Thank you for your feedback @vytautas ! I share the same perspective on a lot of the issues you pointed out. Some of them are fixed in the current version, others, especially calendar related, will be ironed out once the integration with google hits the servers. Thank you for your invaluable feedback!
The link on PH is https://www.juleap.com/ which does NOT work. https://juleap.com/ is the correct link as of 6 Aug 2018