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Monthly concert membership for $25

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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
YES! Jukely Unlimited just launched in San Francisco. stwo is performing in a week. Love stwo.
Bora CelikMaker@xbora · Founder, Jukely
NYC only for now so NYC folks, courtesy of your product master Ryan Hoover. 10 invite codes: j989d tea12 vb73f u97ec lb9a6 gfef6 g8ade ua7fd s1946 x3657
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Can't wait until this launches in SF (cc @kellymcgrath). @xBora - How is this so affordable and how do you select which venues/concerts are available?
Bora CelikMaker@xbora · Founder, Jukely
@rrhoover We've built concert marketing tech and offer that to venues in return for allocations. The promise of $25 is to bring out the folks who normally don't buy concert tickets. We want to expand the market and venues are excited about that.
Bora CelikMaker@xbora · Founder, Jukely
@rrhoover And the second question: We match our members' music tastes with the available shows. If it doesn't pass the match threshold we've established, we don't put them in the app.
Kelly McGrath@kellymcgrath · VP of Sales, Fronto
@xBora @rrhoover Can't wait. So I've been averaging a concert a week for 2014, does that mean I'm not the current market?
Bora CelikMaker@xbora · Founder, Jukely
@kellymcgrath @rrhoover You're totally the current market! Our goal is to increase the number of concert-goers by making it attractive to folks who don't attend as much. Should I be receiving notifications for these comments?
Ricky Engelberg@rje7 · Innovation @ Nike (all views my own...)
Amazing concept. Would love to see this in a place like Portland. I could also see it working just for one venue.
Bora CelikMaker@xbora · Founder, Jukely
@rje7 Thanks Ricky. There are venues who do memberships. We think the power of the idea will be realized once you can use your membership in many cities and countries.
Wesley Barrow@wesleybarrow · Founder, Nomi
This is great. I always was hoping for a music equivalent to Moviepass in NYC. Are you planning to do anything special for CMJ coming up?
Bora CelikMaker@xbora · Founder, Jukely
@wesleybarrow Thanks! We're doing a few CMJ related things, yes.