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Create unique, royalty-free music for your videos, using AI

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Thanks so much @bentossell, and thanks @erictwillis for hunting us! We’re a team of musicians and engineers trying to make it way easier for makers to source music for their videos and other projects. We’re doing this by building an artificially intelligent musical composer - and we’re super excited to be launching Jukedeck as a place where people can create their own unique, royalty-free music in seconds, using AI. As a thank you to the Product Hunt community for trying it out, we’re giving Product Hunters 10 extra free downloads when you sign up - so do check it out and let us know what you think!
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@edrex_ wahoo! So Ed, tell us.... What was it like going through TechCrunch Disrupt - how does it feel that you've WON it?! Some of the biggest challenges you and the team have overcome while building this? Is 2016 going to be the year of A.I. and how do you see it evolving? Are there others in this space and what differentiates you? Do you think this space has a big enough market opportunity for Jukedeck to become a long-term venture? How many combinations does Jukedeck support/can create?
@edrex_ *waits for genius.com posting of your rap*
@bentossell @bentossell TechCrunch Disrupt was awesome - we met some amazing people, stood side-by-side with some great companies, and managed to generate some buzz around our launch. We're thrilled to have won - mostly, we feel incredibly lucky, as every company on stage was good enough to win it. Building Jukedeck has been a long process - I started working on the prototype 5 years ago. It was hard at times - there are always hard moments when you’re working for a long time on a hard problem. But things really got going when we started bringing other musicians and engineers on board, and our music is now getting better all the time. (I actually wrote more about our story on Medium here: https://medium.com/@edrex_/build...) I’m massively excited about A.I. in 2016 - the leaps forward that have been made in just the last couple of years have been incredible, and I think the pace of developments in the field is going to keep increasing. There’s a lot of talk about A.I. being used in repetitive, process-driven tasks - but I’m really interested in its capacity to create. I think this might be one of the big stories in A.I. over the next few years. Generative music is actually something that people have been working on since the 50s! We think we’re in a good position to make it work largely because of our team - everyone working on the tech is also a musician (we’re composers, producers, performers), which is invaluable when building this kind of thing. We also think this is the perfect time for A.I. music - it’s the first time in history when a huge number of people have needed unique, royalty-free music (thanks to the rise of YouTube and content creation in general). Finally, yeah - we think there’s a big potential market for this. 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute - and we see providing music for video as just the first in a series of applications that unique, responsive, royalty-free music could have.
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@edrex_ hi. our video team would like to try you out. do you offer a trial period?
@heathwblack @edrex_ Hey Heath. We'd love to set something up. If you email me (patrick@jukedeck.com) we can sort it out. All the best!
So the winners of @TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015 are now on Product Hunt! @romaindillet yesterday covered the story on TechCrunch here They were also named one of Europe's hottest startups 2015 in Wired Congrats to the team! @edrex_ @paddystobbs @robreng @p_chanq @lydia_gregory @alkliv @macselvi
Just the other week, I had the problem of creating a video and having no royalty free music. Thank you 'Product Hunt' and @erictwillis for finding Jukedeck. This sounds awesome.
@paul_s_kemp Thanks Paul. We've also had a few people use it for music for their podcasts - do feel free to give it a go for The App Guy!
Hi Ed, great product, such a relief for the entire industry! We have a creative community of 55M users who create video mash ups online using our web and mobile editor http://coub.com/create. Would be great to give them access to your music generator. Ping me at jeni@coub.com, if you're interested.
Hey @calmastheocean - thanks so much! We'd love to talk about working together - I'll email you!
Amazing work guys, so happy from all of the team here @NEVERBLAND to be a part of this success story... Everyone worked hard! You guys are going to smash it!
Thanks @sammathews - we're so grateful to everyone at @NEVERBLAND for all the work you've been putting into getting our site ready for launch!