Offline music player for Dropbox

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Love it. I know people in Nashville will be eating this up! Makes sharing/listening to demos so much easier.
@bdesseyn Thanks Brannon, we're actually working on adding a private sharing feature so that you can share a song with a friend through a text link and they can stream to preview the song or download it straight to their own Jukebox.
@bdesseyn What do your friends in Nashville do right now for sharing/listening to demos?
@whattheferguson @jamesfzhang Love the private sharing feature, James! Tyson - mostly email attachments or CDs, which is horrendous. Sometimes private soundcloud links.
@bdesseyn Yeah, I had a feeling you were going to say that. Definitely a bit antiquated. Would love their feedback on Clyp, especially since we're already tackling that problem of quickly and easily sharing demos and WIPs.
Jukebox is awesome for my commute - this totally saves my data plan.
Justin Kan's latest. Found out of this through his Snapchat.
@jgcatalano saw this too :) @justinkan tell us more! Start here and then do office hours on Snapchat ( @mazzeo style )
Exactly what I was looking for, since I don't like iTunes/Apple music and in order to listen to other tracks I needed to find a crappy app to do it. 100x this